• Richmond Film Photographer Kim Stockwell

Organically Timeless Film Weddings

Kim Stockwell Photography is fueled by the desire to serve others & preserve their most precious moments.  The goal of every photograph I take is to create a timeless and classic image. The images I value most are those candid moments where you can feel the emotion within the photograph. My passion comes from my ability to give clients beautiful, authentic moments. Moments, that when cared for properly, can live forever.  I strive to showcase each love story in a way that allows audiences to feel the emotion of that day. That way each album, each print, each frame, fills the viewer with emotion and brings them back to a precious moment in time. My style of photography and deep appreciation for candid moments comes from the feelings I have when reviewing old photographs, specifically those of my grandparents. It is through those images that I know exactly what my grandmother’s laugh looks like, and with the right photograph, I can almost still hear it.  Those are the heirlooms I want to create for you.

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In that moment, I had finally felt what my brides had experienced.

I'm a wedding photographer living in the beautiful city of Richmond, VA. I am also a newlywed and just said 'I do' in October of last year!

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01  I live in the river city! (Richmond, Va)
02  I am a fine art film photographer.
03  I am (almost) a natural blonde.