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This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a bride in Key West Florida! As anxious as it makes me to have other people celebrating me, I had the best time I could have ever dreamed of.

9 very important people in my life made me feel insanely loved and I am beyond grateful.

Planning or attending a bachelorette party is not as easy as it may sound. After having the time of my life, I thought it was important to share with everyone some helpful tips for the perfect bachelorette party!

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Have a plan & make sure everyone is on the same page. Traveling with more than 2 or 3 girls can be like herding cats so having a plan that everyone has agreed upon will help to keep the trip running smoothly. One of my  bridesmaids worked with my MOH to map out an itinerary for our trip. Prior to the trip, invitations (that were so freakin cute) were sent out so that all the girls attending knew what we were doing and what to pack. This was crucial because there were never any of those moments wasted figuring out how we were going to spend our days in paradise.

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Plan your BIG night out at least a day before you will be returning home. Most bachelorette parties do one big night out where all the girls attending wear something special and the bride will wear a little white dress. Frankly speaking most people go hard this night and there is nothing worse than going out and having to wake up early to travel home the next day. Also, it helps to build the anticipation for that night because you know you have time to stay out late and wake up whenever to recap your night.

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Download VENMO! If you aren’t familiar you really should look into it even if you aren’t planning any upcoming trips it makes any group activity so much easier. Venmo is a free secure app that allows you to pay anyone instantly (even if they don’t have the app!). So for my bachelorette party, every time the girls covered my portion of something they were able to divide it out quickly and simply send the money via the app. Our group of friends uses this for everything from splitting dinners to household bills. Venmo is free when linked to a debit card or bank account, if you use your credit card there is a 3% fee per transaction.

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This one is for the bride, SAVE for your bachelorette party in advance so you can take care of something during the trip. Most bachelorette parties cover a lot for the bride so when you can take something off their plate I highly recommend it. It’s the easiest way to show your gratitude while you are on the trip. I am a person that is easily overwhelmed when the focus is on me. I love celebrating other people but being celebrated myself is something that tends to make me a bit uncomfortable. So I made sure to put some money away beforehand so that I could cover one of our lunches. It was a small gesture but it was greatly appreciated by all of the girls and helped calm my “o my gosh, all this for me?!?” nerves.

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This last one is also for the bride (this is the photographer in me talking). Make sure to take one group picture, and save it. Try not to send it out to the group and, if possible, keep it to yourself. This was easy for me to do since I traveled with my tripod and big camera so no one else was able to get the shots I did. Butttttt if you are working with an iphone ask a stranger to get a group shot on your iphone and let everyone know they will get it at some point.  Sending each person that attended a printed picture they haven’t seen yet and a thank you card is an easy way to make a big gesture. I totally went overboard and everyone is basically getting enough prints to make an album, but it was really important to me to share with those that made this trip unforgettable.

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*& incase you were wondering flash tats WILL leave tan lines.

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