• Richmond Virginia Film Photographer
  • Richmond Virginia Film Photographer
  • Richmond Virginia Film Photographer

The place I am most comfortable in this beautiful world is behind the lens. Nothing can compete with the way I feel when my hands are tightly bound to my camera and I am warmly directing a client into their next memory. As a child I was always a vivid story teller, Skip & Sandy can attest to my enthusiastic & usually over embellished stories.  I loved captivating and entertaining for the sheer reaction of others. In adult life this transpired into a degree from Longwood University in Organizational Communications. While I couldn’t think of a more suitable degree for someone that loves to talk, my career paths did not always fulfill my creative side or drive to serve others.  Being a wedding photographer allows me to directly connect with people during the happiest times of their life. It doesn’t get much better than that. There’s not a session that goes by where I don’t think about just how blessed I am to have this little business.

Reality T.V. is my favorite.
I will watch basically anything on TLC, seriously anything.
"I'm going to meet my husband tonight!"
What I told my friends the night I met Robby.
The greatest love story.
That I have ever known, is that of my parents Skip & Sandy. That's right, not only do they have the cutest parent names ever. They have been married over 30 years.