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The “slow season” in the wedding industry gives us time to finally focus on things we may not have had time for during prime wedding season. I have spent the last few months working on two things that are very close to my heart.

This year I will be incorporating film into my work & curating fine art albums.

I have dreamed about shooting film for close to 4 years now.  It’s something I have thought about non-stop since I started shooting professionally. There is something about it I have been drawn to since the beginning. I think I love it so much because it feels so authentic. When I first started learning about film, many of my colleagues in the wedding industry said it made their work more intentional and helped them to slow down & really think about what they are capturing. At first this didn’t sound like something I would want, I mean how do you slow down on a wedding day? I was wrong, slowing down and shooting with intention has been the best move I’ve made since I started my business. This method should have been in place since the beginning, but it has taken film for me to fully learn how.  A dear friend and mentor that has always encouraged my dream of film photography told me that “this will change everything, for the better”.  While I will continue to also shoot digitally as long as it serves my clients I look forward to incorporating film into their weddings this year.

Another thing that is close to my heart is PRINTING your pictures. I recently worked with Lauren Hill from For Love of Love to create a shoot that displays the beauty of my fine art albums. I truly feel that if you aren’t printing your wedding images it’s a disservice to yourself as well as your future children or anyone else that comes into your life after your wedding. I can’t stress enough the importance of creating a physical reminder of the moment. Have you ever sat around and looked at old prints with a grandparent or relative? Can you remember what it was like to hold that moment in your hands? Would you have felt the same way if those images were taken from your hands and placed on a computer screen? In a world fueled by instant gratification, I fear that in 20/30 years, people may forget what it feels like to hold a photograph. This is why I have spent countless hours curating the perfect fine art albums that are worthy of the weddings I document. I will preface this by saying I always want my brides to print their images even if that means it’s not through me. I understand that not every budget has room for a fine art album but I believe it’s what your memories deserve which is why I offer them.

Album Sizes: 8×8 | 10×10 | 12×12 – 20 page spread

Details: Linen or Italian leather album cover, thick matte pages, lay flat binding, custom album design, handmade in the USA

*10×10 Linen 20 page spread album featured below

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styling & florals | For Love of Love

calligraphy | Kelsey Malie Calligraphy

album | Kiss Books

venue | The Carillon

film developed & scanned by | photovision

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