What is a film photographer? 

 I use real medium format film, so think like old school rolls of film that are sent to a lab to be developed.

What type of camera still uses film? 

 Only the best cameras of all time! I use the contax 645 medium format film camera.

If you use film will I still receive digital copies of the images? 

 Absolutely! My lab develops the film then scans them to digital files and I deliver them to you in a private online gallery. From there you can download the images.

Why do you use film? 

 I love to create images that are filled with authentic emotion yet remain timeless in nature. I feel that film is the best way for me to do this. Another reason I love film is the luminosity it creates in my images. & finally all the photographs that I have ever really loved (like images of my grandparents or my parents on their wedding day) were created using film.

Do you shoot any digital on a wedding day? 

 Yes, if you have me stay past cake cutting the images of your friends and family getting down on the dance floor will be a mix of 35mm film & digitals. Occasionally, I will also use my digital camera to capture portions of your ceremony if you are getting married in a low light indoor situation. It’s my job to create the best photographs possible of your wedding day and you can trust that I will use the medium most suited for each portion of your day.

Do you cover elopements? 

 I do, & I love them! Custom packages are available upon request.

How many hours is your typical wedding collection?

-Most clients select 10 hours of coverage. It’s just enough time to capture your first swipe of lipstick down to the last sparkler at your send off. 

Do you provide all the images you take on the day of our wedding?

-Heck no! & trust me you wouldn’t want the ones I do not include.  It’s my job to frame your wedding story in the most beautiful, detailed, elegant way. Which means you won’t receive the 8 shots where Uncle Bob had his eyes closed or the picture of Aunt Susie adjusting her dress. 

Do you offer wedding albums? 

 I do, & I love them! You can read more about those here.

How many images will we receive in our wedding collection? 

– We average 40-60 images per hour of coverage.

Do you use a second shooter?

-Yes I do! Second shooters can be added to any wedding collection for a nominal fee.

What’s covered in my bridal consultation?

– We talk timeline, details, & important moments of your big day. 

How long will it take to get my pictures back?

Weddings 6-8 weeks, Portrait Sessions 1-2 weeks